Worship Times:


Sunday School: 9:15AM


Sunday Morning


Worship : 10:45AM


Wednesday Bible Study: 7:00PM




Mission Statement


Mission: Helping Youth to choose to make Heaven their final destination  


Provide meaningful Christian-based training in all aspects of church life to

young people ages 2-25 .  Expose our youth to experiences that will challenge

them to grow and stretch spiritually and to reach our community, future

generations and the world.




  • Meet the spiritual and emotional needs of our youth

  • Provide spiritually-based programs for our youth with numerous age-appropriate

  • opportunities to interact with their peers while working and fellowshipping with

  • people from all walks of life in a safe, nurturing environment. 

  • Specific emphasis on understanding evangelism, social outreach, Baptist church

  • history, and building individual management and leadership skills. 

  • Give the non-believer and the believer the hope and guidance needed to build

  • their faith in the return of a true and risen Savior.

  • Prepare our youth for the work of ministry in the will of God

  • Share the good news of Jesus Christ

  • Instill the teachings of righteous, Christian living

  • Expose them to the knowledge and empowerment only available through a new BIRTH .




B enevolently - displays ministry (love and compassion for one another)


I nstilling - symbolizes evangelism (through guidance, teachings and advisement)


R ighteous – symbolizes worship (through reverence and obedience to God’s word)


T eachings - displays discipleship (knowledge brings about empowerment)


H ope - symbolizes fellowship (preparation for Kingdom living)


Contact: (youth@newgrovebc.org)